Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mental hands around a circle with numbers.

Time has been seen waking in a line of moments like pictures on a moving tape. Let us work our perspective and get a new degree in time and truly agree that its not in line. Time waits for no man, perhaps we no man. Jus beings experimenting with our own created limitations. As time further boxes us in three dimensions of the past thats always in our mind presenting itself in memories while we continue to create tomorow . The future today is being alive and shaped in our minds. This is all taking place in the spaces between compressed eternity like the joy of a minute stretched by emotion.Let us work by day for the night comes when we lay buried by memories. Minds fooled the past can stil be changed before it further reshapes the future in the now thoughts taking up more space boxing us in to keep us in a line. Routine we have become like robots human puppets gazing at the jailer who wraps our arms in ticks and talks to us about the passing day. I refuse to live like am dying when am dying to live randomly ordered by angels. I will grow out of this mental prison. Time is what we have created. A dimension parallel to this one exists. I often get the feeling I will live forever until I wake up from my dreams of possibility. Blessed beyond measure I am larger than life on earth. There is more than chasing luxuries like glowing butterflies they all wither and die. Nothing on this earth could ever have eternal value. Wake up mortal don t be a puppet. You re much more worth than silver and gold. Why enslave your mind with what you can create.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grow mind

Like a plant we planted on the grounds of earth. Watered by dreams and hopes nurtured by desire to aspire the great lengths of success. Grow daily my mind catch up between the tomatoes and find your roots in nature undisturbed by man.