Friday, September 17, 2010

in our little life span

a life span under the sun
As time in turn takes turns
Bends as darkness falls
Great mind rot
under the weight of soil

spoil as neorons decompose
And testify we are but a composition
In the hands of the creator
Whose theories
Must have made a bing bang

Leaving narrow minds
with only a sound to explain
The existance of a blue ball that sits on space
Too big for the eye

Yet fits in the space between the eyes
Leaving more dim eyes
to only peep through the telescopes
and tell but a scopic view
And call that a new verse

Perhaps even a new phrase
For this new age
Where science is hailed God
The quest to seek his

on books and tweet
Him out of my space
to your space should
any of you give a chat
to be in His zone

Mix it all up
And present a quick fix
God who will supply
In skype
meet all types of needs

After all
we all have rights to decide
In our little life spans
The right image of God

into the realms of angels

Given sight into the realm of angels
I can protect you from another dimension
For this is reality that meets no eye

Mind had no idea
We exist beyond time to relate
Moving in and out of bodies
Leaving some when they die

Deceivers we are not
yet some of us
appear as one of us
One of light

Some of you have entertained us
Without distance
We carry revelations
Many answers to man's questions

Imagination is fruitless
Cease to draw a picture
For you mental attitudes
Have been polluted

With images from ancient wars
Where men are still used as worms
Discarded as pieces of trash
When coffins are swallowed by the bins of earth

as dust to dust and ashes to ashes
souls carried in chariots to the
Greater realms of life

Let this window be opened for a period
Lest minds be stabbed with visions
Too strong for the intellect to analyse

In the unseen we can only be seen
Faithful heart come join us

As your spirit arises

enlightened minds

Scratch the mental surface
You might catch flame
Like my matches
Pull the smokes through your

select in this

As I take another dose of enlightment
Seize the moment on the spliff
Of natures wisdom
Tell God am proud of His creation

Ascend through these growing
Weeds of time seeds that man
Sow on naked wombs
Babies grow as plants
In these gardens of eden

Where adams and eves
both blame the evil
that tempted their minds
To take a bite
At ignorance

and put a life sentence to the innocent

They're the ones who will speak to God
For our murdering mistakes
As we take yet another life
In the name of lust

One would ask whose purpose
Are we fullfilling
Grown cold
The gods of this world will speak
It is everyones right
To draw their clippers and scissors

Sister hold on pharohs dream
Let's cut the dreams of future leaders
If any of us should die

Let them all be enlightened

debating with death

Heaven is not, but close
as soon as you close your eyes
to this dimension
and open the gates through your heart
in verbal nonsense

as the spirit telephones home
and sends your messages
through messengers of wings
who fly through the winds and storms of darkness that hang as a pillows of darkness
above your heavy heart

burdened with the thought
of what happens when we die
for no man living can promise you
they have seen what only the dead see

well men float in the sea of lies
like they have swallowed the devil
choking now through their throats
as ones with black coats
chewing on sugar coated truths
that are good for nothing
leaving souls good for nothings

but to be thrown into the pits of guilt
till minds awaken from a dream
that life is an illusion
nothing is realy happening
we are not really living but dying in this world

flipped around looking at the commands of life

and debating whether to live or die..

calling,the wise

been feeling weirdly good these bad days..
Communicating with my Spirit Father
feeling pregnant from the inside..
knowing not whether to decide or suicide
the thought of His calling..

His voice calling
my belly dialing through the divine
natural awareness links the DNA of my being testifying that His presence
has never quite left me all along .

So long as I spit with my lips and split the skies open and leave the thighs of man
to be entered by the Holy Ghost
this world might also see change
when stars speak of the born
saviours, declared to be sons of God

as demons feel no males
but see the light of the world
to rid this darkness and set mankind
free from freedom
to please the tempting flesh

that is homesick only minding the ground
it once came from..
So I am calling
should hearers
hear my call for warriors of light
to die on their cross

and help me save the world from darkness

in love with a stranger

men and woman land as strangers on this padded brown solid appearance of earth
illusions as the metaphysical beats of love
move us to move

all mountains of muteness before us
as eyes gaze into the future
through the lenses of time
in time we behold the imagination
become stranger as lips do touch


with no harm done
hearts treated with a gently shock wave
all fear subsides

as both parties takes the same side
until day breaks and one wonders
if yesterday was not a dream
in love with a stranger

soon we discover through verbal battles and pain
the depths of love and learn to smile
laughing at each other like little children
wishing to deep freeze the moment

so one day it would be drawn
from cool heads
as a refreshment when we thirst
under the blazing heat of confusion

for men are logic in fixing
while women feel feelings
hopin we will be entitwined
in harmony to make one brain

where petals rain cemented laughs
and flowers grow daisy constructed smiles
just to fall down again like a sand castle
washed away by bubbling tears

as each heart is streched like a sail
by the blowing winds
as we steer our souls to safefty

with only love to steer us

Monday, September 13, 2010

curious minds

curious minds
make their way
through keyboards and keypads
paddlings the waves of the techno age

till brains lay toasted
information overload
cooked personalities
giving rise to a remote controlled generation

living life through screens
unscreened obscene
calls this the life of rights
where all who oppose support oppression

nation rise against nation
in colour and word
as words fall to the brain dead,unheard

Thursday, September 9, 2010


With golden lips
Curiosity pierced the skies
As she stretched her faith
Beyond her normal deeds

A woman so brave
To tempt all fate
And dish prosperity on her own plate
Scooping from the pots of heaven

With the sunglight beams
Racing down from the heart of God
Shining her paths a new day
Bringing the glory back

She can now rejoice again
Free from all the turmoil and pain
She suffered all these years
Tilting her heart once more

Rearching out to smooch the son
Of a wealthly hearty of love
With the stars criss-crossing
Sun-kissed was beloved