Friday, September 17, 2010

into the realms of angels

Given sight into the realm of angels
I can protect you from another dimension
For this is reality that meets no eye

Mind had no idea
We exist beyond time to relate
Moving in and out of bodies
Leaving some when they die

Deceivers we are not
yet some of us
appear as one of us
One of light

Some of you have entertained us
Without distance
We carry revelations
Many answers to man's questions

Imagination is fruitless
Cease to draw a picture
For you mental attitudes
Have been polluted

With images from ancient wars
Where men are still used as worms
Discarded as pieces of trash
When coffins are swallowed by the bins of earth

as dust to dust and ashes to ashes
souls carried in chariots to the
Greater realms of life

Let this window be opened for a period
Lest minds be stabbed with visions
Too strong for the intellect to analyse

In the unseen we can only be seen
Faithful heart come join us

As your spirit arises

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