Wednesday, March 9, 2011

becoming a prophesy fulfilled (the message)

I pray these words speak to you as they do to me.

Greater is the One in you for He is God undeniable.
You are more than who you think or possible can ever think you are.
I want to remind you to believe you can
Jus like how as a kid you believed...

That nothing was and nothin is impossible.
The source of all your needs is with you always.
You don't have to close your eyes or say a long prayer.
Jus say it as it is tell your Father your needs.

He knows but now He wants to hear from you.
Trust be your guide
Speak what you want to happen
Prophesy over your situation.

Speak life speak prosperity
For the power of life and death is in the toungue.
Begin right now and call life in by Jesus.
Let every fibre of your being be charged as you read these words.

Fire of the Holy Ghost will pass through you like lightning.
In a short while annointing shall flow all over you
As God pours His Spirit
As He pours the promise to you.


God's peace I speak.Be blessed in your mind~GooJ

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Becoming a prophesy fullfilled

When my mind is done with searches of the deep
My heart reaching shallows of meaning
After loving and hating alike
My soul having experimented with all

My spirit to the ground shall fall
And rise like a new adam in a new earth
Where love reigns and smiles never cease
To show off white men in holy robes

Perhaps then I shall gain my wings
And fly a flight of honour
Knowing I deserved nothing
In here I came empty handed

All I have and will have is what's been
Given to me by grace
Nothing but the favour of Him
Who knew me before
Shall usher me to know the unknown

And make the mystery of my life known
Jus like the angels know not
What I know but have forgotten
To be reminded each time I look into your eyes

I was created to love
And you created to receive
And perceive us as channels
To a new world of us in Him

becoming a prophesy fulfilled

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Escaping spiritual paralysis

it was as if but not a dream
walking in the spirit
as in meditations mentioning
dimensions of heaven

Images like porn corn
disturbing my conscience
like soft porn
playing so ever lightly
bending the monestary rules

I skipped my training to rule
This stubborn flesh so enticed
By my willingness to choose
Chewing gum for fools

Don't ever get that on your hair
It will cause you to shave
Your innocents
Flushed away with tissues

Like other useless things
So achoo, I chewed
Together with my crew
Sueing me and you

Damned to eternal fires
Souls burning like splinters of wood
Dried by the heat
Like sugarless fruit

Papercuts from foreign checks
I cashed from the eternal banks
Counted my pennies not enough
To pay God His dues

I wasted and got wasted
Drinking to my eternal doom
Gave no room for his broom
To sweep my weeping

Crystalise my tears to solid praise
Like a drop of me in the spirit
Swimming away from sin
Escaping spiritual paralysis.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good people (they can be better)

Good people
try very hard to be good
That even when they should be better
and chase the sellers
out of the holy temple
They say nothing till
nothing good goes

Good people
love other good people
Till they are taken advantage of
Forgetting other good people
have the better conscience

Good people are so good
they sometimes leave their belongings
forgetting other good people
would like to keep their belongs for them

Good people
love for real
even when the game that
the other good people are playing
has no extra time.

Good people
try very hard to save the world
they go the extra mile
and expect other good people
to do the same
forgetting that
there is only a few who are kind
and a kind of their kind in this world

Good people
try by all means to prove their innocents
which is why the other good people go free
and good people get locked up like Paul and Sialus.

Good people are so good at being good
they will share two fishes and five loaves
with ten thousand other good people
and in hope best believe in good faith
there is enough left over for them to eat

Good people
try very hard not to hurt anyone
but themselves.

Which explains why they are
ever ready to be nailed to the cross
for other people's wrongs or rights
if you are a good polititian

Good people are always good
once you get to know them
but any other good person will tell you
That too much good people is "good"
for nothing "good" ever happens
for the other good people.

syco-eyes in parallex

Confiscated from the devine temples
My mind still swamped in iris
Trying to derive the mystery
The conversing pupils tailing a tale

Darkened, two pointed
Double doubting sight into the ether
I sense my sense her eyes
Impose a pose deeper connections

Revealing a second pair of eyes
Impared to see the defects of life
Her eyes psycologicaly restore
The belief of insanity in me

A poem laced in her lenses
That look, recites to me
Volumes of speechless movements
My poetic joints disfigured

From trying to figure
the hand of God
Covering her cornea
Like a curtain to the holy of holies

She will never see her eyes
Like I do
My optic nerves got nervous
Trying to explain syco-eyes to me

I might as well be a mad poet
For seeing what should not be seen
And speaking about the one
Who possesses parallel sight

To a line laying tangently
Discriptions of her aura
Shape shifting my reality
To be dreaming squint

Into the abyss
Retina, my right to flow
Visions through her eyes like a telescope
She will drop me a glance

As I freelance, freestyling
Like her scyco-eyes in parallex

Friday, March 4, 2011

word in art

Word in art
in part
scripted to depart with souls
to a celestial department shaped in word

to be a poets great apartment of heaven.

In a couple of days from now
I shall transcend to a dimension of Him
And less of me

It will feel like death to me
But I shall live there after
To be the self us created we in word to be
Part of art in word

As I speak boldy like a god
Creating as I go along
Like a paint brush
Consciously as I create me in Him discovered

Like the word in art