Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good people (they can be better)

Good people
try very hard to be good
That even when they should be better
and chase the sellers
out of the holy temple
They say nothing till
nothing good goes

Good people
love other good people
Till they are taken advantage of
Forgetting other good people
have the better conscience

Good people are so good
they sometimes leave their belongings
forgetting other good people
would like to keep their belongs for them

Good people
love for real
even when the game that
the other good people are playing
has no extra time.

Good people
try very hard to save the world
they go the extra mile
and expect other good people
to do the same
forgetting that
there is only a few who are kind
and a kind of their kind in this world

Good people
try by all means to prove their innocents
which is why the other good people go free
and good people get locked up like Paul and Sialus.

Good people are so good at being good
they will share two fishes and five loaves
with ten thousand other good people
and in hope best believe in good faith
there is enough left over for them to eat

Good people
try very hard not to hurt anyone
but themselves.

Which explains why they are
ever ready to be nailed to the cross
for other people's wrongs or rights
if you are a good polititian

Good people are always good
once you get to know them
but any other good person will tell you
That too much good people is "good"
for nothing "good" ever happens
for the other good people.

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