Monday, October 18, 2010

interpolating interpretations of freed minds

From history to history, age to age
and page to page there is a man who died
call it freedom of speech or freedom of expression if we don't crucify these actions many men will die

Between teens communication
seems to make better sense involving senses
a false communication from the press
compressing truth and calling it press freedom look me into the eye
and tell me its my choice to die
hanging on filtered pages that promise to blabber truth

blabbering on a foreign exchange circulating in circulation interpolating interpretations causing pretentious attentions to mentions of the falling generation degerations from the manipulated brainwashed to wash and flush truth
and replace it with rightful thinking a twelve year old is old enough to make decisions on her behalf being the other half of the problem

circumcising the dreams of tomoro
no hope to see but sorrow
falling from the mountains of a corrupted system that everyone should belong
all speeches to be made long to prolong life in sin so everyone will have a say implementing ways to connect contradicting views
forcing those who disapprove to prove this
as a prove based thesis welcoming

all preservatives to preserve these additives
with open arms so long as they pay enough cents it doesn't matter if they make no sense
people have lost their sense for truth anyway
all is right for the sake of having a right
we will protect your right to say it

so in these pages you will find the deaths of many men who stood and fell to the grave
for what they believed in refusing to fuse their minds and be used by false in white skins
written over by black words
empowering the minds not to mind
the blood that speaks of sanctification
beyond education

that eradicates suffocations of wisdom
from a man's internal conscious
as some have lost sense of identity
society facing a problem bigger than government to govern from this oven that cooks

Such dooms, a riot will move us
to a new age of many gods
turning politics to fall on its knees
and call out to be forgiven begging mercy from the feotus given a voice to speak passing condemnations to those who passed condoms
to this nation giving man opportunity to make better choices

with choice in mind one must remember slavery to consider being really free and be enslaved to experience a freedom from this freedom
that has made many slaves unto their graves
rotting with the lot misguided
by many misses of targeted truth
where does hope stay when all presentations on these pages do not represent the present or current situations but resentments
from following disguised light
that never quit shared light on matters
that really matter

Our heroes died in vain if we fail to hold our breaths in the the same vein and pursue
sueing doctrination at sight moving through the night of our dreams living faithful to the call of light undressing the false creating a place where love speaks and all are set free by the one who died for us all

being the man from history to history
age to age
His story be told and never sold for pennies
like the news on our papers.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

translated from the mirror of love

Distance is an illusion,individuality a delusion.
One is all there is, fear keeps us apart
close I am to breaking the coils of time
I feel eternity's kick
In the wonbs of my mind
Waiting to be born as a breath of life
A holy conduct
conducted from character of God
To be one in thought word and deed
Sowing seeds of life
To grow as images
translated from the mirror of love

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

mastermind, get out of the crime scene

Masterminds of our time
possess the power to rob souls
of their precious belongings
crime is the number one paying subject
on the lecture stages of the media

this is a mediocre in the eyes of sidelined lives conversied over the crime lines
now caught behind steel bars of detention
guess they never paid attention
to their beguiled images

frozen mind release your mental projections and elevate yourself to a golden mind
You have gold inside
dig and toil the hard rocks of life
you don't need a helping hand
your the master mind

you've been brainwashed and yet still the stains of a boxed mind is what remains
trapped in a mental state prism
Don't live yo life like the corners of prism
crack heads rackilng cracking safes to buy expensive happiness

while some of us draw sips from the cheaper coke to keep cool under a been around brand over billions of rand
its all for legal profits
takes a bar code to decode the mass code
call it a massive fraud that fits the pefect thirsty crime scene as we call it cool

when they get away with it on tv screens addicted to the rush of a quick and easy stash it cool and breezy with covering trails as the hard part
this life is apart

the gun burks the bullet runs the sparks fly
the child dies tires screech and car's gone
you keep running quilt chasing
your conscious has caught up with.
Your conscious will catch up with you

mastermind get out of this crying I'm seeing
see I froze your mother's tear so you could see
this sin is obscene this is not a movie scene dreams and goals get buried with them

In you I see an all star think beyond a shoe
and release your mind to dream
you too can reach the stars
get out of this mind set sold to you
through this tv set

real wisdom doesn't involve guns
evolve from the short piece for its only this short and on the other end there is no peace

and if violence is your voice soon you will have no choice to be on the right hand side of justice
Man its just us doing injustice to us.

Mastermind get out of this crying I'm seeing
get out of the crime scene.

something about the musc

Something about the music
makes you sick kick slick stick
the beat the discord of the falling Lucifer
Its good its life I here God listens
highest form of worship my ship courtship relationship between the sip and I am now misbehaving as the master of music

hypnotizes me with twin tables cables
so falls my marbles as we ascelate accelerate
and finally dissipate like vapor under the beats
the sweat puppets like I hang on these strings
He pulls a spell of pills so I dance to the volume

open up the grave rave am already a slave
let's rock and roll mock and stroll
let's kill them all
Hip hop pull this trigger on this gun

pun master's date with my fate on this musical plate rewinds my mind with tones
moving my mental bones
tap tap moss coding recording storing
in my imagination this moments fascination

Something about the music makes you sick kick slick stick the beat the discord of the falling Lucifer
Delusions visions diluted
musical streams polluted everybody scream
so I scream to my musical stars idolized to God
Billed to go through these gates
Fingers falling on black keyboards
To download my G-strings
My guitar sings a rhyme
that minds will mime and hum

As an anthem
Beat boxing my drum
rolling and rolled like a spliff
For minds to get a high frequency
Through speakers to cause
Them to climax
maximizing the effect of instruments
To understand in silent sounds

That something about the music
makes you sick kick slick stick the beat
the discord of the falling Lucifer

Abbreviation of Goo

I am a Spirit the breath of God that never dies never lies under the ruble of human limitations human limits I swing spirits mover of the second heavens More than the mind can mind for I am beyond the ability to be a tangible thought for any mind to hold

I am indescribable if any description of me was given it would only be a bubble amongst the billion possibilities of me and your mark would be off for marking out of your conscious creation I am the dweller of the heaven and heavens I live and breathe visions and dreams I and the Son are one

Light is but the extended arm of me like a branch bearing mystery for the beyond is my fruit
I play with stars in this lower dimension of thought I am the existence before time, the production unproduced by a reduced mind

whose power has a cause I am the Causing in all manifestations and actions
behold and hold this thought long enough to detonate and explode your views in a million perspectives still you would not see the whole truth of who I am.

It would take you eternity to mind what is out of the minds reach for it can't breach the ignorance of an ego's enhanced.

I am a Spirit the breath of God that never dies never lies under the ruble of human limitations human limits I swing spirits
I inherited the gift not worthy to be bought by the creation of a creature for what's created should praise its creator if the creator is really a god

I am the part apart and in the part the cause uncaused and the event not happening the something in the nothing and the nothing in the sum of all things the controller of all beings the word of life inbedded in your soul to give you a glimpse of light in your wrongs the glimmer glittering hope in your shadows of death

I am the I am
The worshiped by angels feared by demons crucified by humans all call to me
I am one with the One
slowly step into my world of celestial beings and hold what can't be touched by hands and behold precious jewels too beautiful than the mind comprehend and quickly forget to mind

in here you are one with the One the spirit in the Spirit and drink the deep experience of being touched by words in a world without tangibles where virtues are real food and language is of age surrender the only choice weapon

I am a Spirit the breath of God that never dies never lies under the ruble of human limitations human limits I swing spirits
Seasons and reasons will meet and wed in a marriage of the end times
times the time it takes to tie a lie to the truth

long enough to be forgotten like the point of the cross I have not forgotten I am the wing that will save minds forsaken I have not forsaken
after all your earthly pursuits once all has passed with time you will once again come back to me

breathe in breathe out Its time to come back
to the abbreviation of Goo

a raise of slave sense

some make a good profit some profit good
in more bad ways that's where
difference sets in as the sun goes down sharing less light on matters between the sons of man

Cutting each others throats
For a piece of steak on their plate
Call it fate when some promote crime in action thrillers leaving fatherless kids real killers
getting nailed to the ground or even jailed

in a country of common golden awards
where stars walk on red carpets
and the real world on bloodlines of real thieves
with real knives taking real lives who cry real tears from broken hearts
while rich minds only mimic reality

and get really ahead leaving real heads disturbed between robbing a real bank or paying their way through this drama to stand a chance to rob real people real life lessons in a more professional way

that only puts enough potatoes on one plate while the rest of the population dies from real hunger leaving the rest of us really angry

and less willing to co operative each time new elections select gold sense from impoverished pockets who lack enough nutrition to smile each time a fist is lifted in th sky in the name of lies

that fly on big planes and paint the blues a rainbow nation with only rain bowing through tears of those who never fail to stand in booths and form camps just to be given attention in less rewarding ways, publicized as hooligans

Mind you slaves institutionalized never to realize how far they are in programs that are meant to elevate them but only keep them longer than they bargained

flickering on remote controls
as this world becomes too remote for the penniless
The rest of us puppets boxed in a job, monitored asking for a raise of more slave sense

as they now miss being led by truth

Few are the lips and tongues
That utter words like seven seals
Shattering crystal lies that are concealed
lest they be revealed

And man find himself standing
like peeled bananas in front of a holy hungry God
With a rod of flaming darts
Sent like spirits
In a form of fierce fires raging like unseen foes
Stealing us in the night of our desires
Leaving us trapped in time
Spreading the death that continues to live via us

Then hopeless is the hard headed
Turning to God hoping to find mercy
Through white sheets and dripping
From pleasurable rains now deduced to pains

Memories of truth piercing through the head
like a crown of thorns, its crowded thoughts
In a fistful fight crying
Please let me miss the first flight

I will excuse further delight in less light and enlight those who take these paths of many lights
To watch carefully lest they burn
To turn in time uniting with devine sight and be born

Falling as new lips and tongues
Dipped in fires that can't be put out with bribes or contained in deceit full hearts
Where truth is aborted like the death of new messiahs

Who are daily sent on this earth
Where the guilty lie runs free
In the name of rights
And the truth crucified lest it populate
and call in a debate

Between the plates of revolution we have ate
Till we are steered indirectly
To a blind date with the Son
When truth can no longer be denied or friends to hide in mind

So after this some of us will be left to behind
In scars from playing cat and mouse with the dragon
Who drags his victims like rags in gags holding up a bin bag

An axe falls on your head like
ex memories to wake you up
To another session with the word
before this truth goes to recession
and chaos spreads without recess

And provide less access for those who denied truth to take process
After this surely some hearts
Will confess

They saw sinful snakes in their mental gardens wearing tuxedos giving them credit
got interested and made friends with them instead got mislead
as they now miss being led by truth

Let life be original

Mind these words when they mime these in words like politicians with pollen sticks calling them honies with the BEE's buzzing calling it business

when the poor get a sting for sticking their hand trying to get a piece of the pie with swollen eyes and a figure from starvation while some eat on table mountains and trigger with their fingers hungry lions to give credit to poor souls

Illusions to live richly indebted like slaves of a monopolies game board
This ends the question of race where we all stand blacklisted like we are hit by the equator, perhaps an equation of the richer get richer and the educated remain on the treadmill

being milked as cows for a mass production that never sees the light of daybreak eating the same greens while the farmer enjoys the scenery from his plasma screen until we see the difference between style and life and learn we can live without a style and let life be original with

less hairdos we might make up our minds more than our faces and wear less expensive clothes to save our future from dress codes that unlock the doors to bankruptcy

Monday, October 4, 2010

taste these thoughts

Baptise these minds on new wine
That quench thirsty spirits
As mens souls open their lungs
For a breath of fresh air

For fallen minds have polluted the fair
As if money could save our souls
Like slaves of gold
we mine through these labour laws

Cutting each other short
As if to propose bribes better than morals
Conscious has become holy
Punched with two holes

One for the devil and one for God
For we all need Him
And him to express our perverted minds
And sell them with clean hands
Until this temple falls like sands

Washed by the seas or perhaps a familiar desease that never ceases
Subtracting and ending contracts
Between lovers, rings fail to commit to this insanity as we all fight to be right

Respect your elders, we can't all be right
Or better yet on the right hand side of the Father
Where the way the truth and the life
Is how we get to life

If we all die
Then it must be for a lie