Tuesday, October 5, 2010

as they now miss being led by truth

Few are the lips and tongues
That utter words like seven seals
Shattering crystal lies that are concealed
lest they be revealed

And man find himself standing
like peeled bananas in front of a holy hungry God
With a rod of flaming darts
Sent like spirits
In a form of fierce fires raging like unseen foes
Stealing us in the night of our desires
Leaving us trapped in time
Spreading the death that continues to live via us

Then hopeless is the hard headed
Turning to God hoping to find mercy
Through white sheets and dripping
From pleasurable rains now deduced to pains

Memories of truth piercing through the head
like a crown of thorns, its crowded thoughts
In a fistful fight crying
Please let me miss the first flight

I will excuse further delight in less light and enlight those who take these paths of many lights
To watch carefully lest they burn
To turn in time uniting with devine sight and be born

Falling as new lips and tongues
Dipped in fires that can't be put out with bribes or contained in deceit full hearts
Where truth is aborted like the death of new messiahs

Who are daily sent on this earth
Where the guilty lie runs free
In the name of rights
And the truth crucified lest it populate
and call in a debate

Between the plates of revolution we have ate
Till we are steered indirectly
To a blind date with the Son
When truth can no longer be denied or friends to hide in mind

So after this some of us will be left to behind
In scars from playing cat and mouse with the dragon
Who drags his victims like rags in gags holding up a bin bag

An axe falls on your head like
ex memories to wake you up
To another session with the word
before this truth goes to recession
and chaos spreads without recess

And provide less access for those who denied truth to take process
After this surely some hearts
Will confess

They saw sinful snakes in their mental gardens wearing tuxedos giving them credit
got interested and made friends with them instead got mislead
as they now miss being led by truth


  1. dope bra to dope i seriously cant wait to listen to you reciting it with that powerful voice of yourz...lishle

  2. Intense Imagery Dear Friend.. :)

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