Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let life be original

Mind these words when they mime these in words like politicians with pollen sticks calling them honies with the BEE's buzzing calling it business

when the poor get a sting for sticking their hand trying to get a piece of the pie with swollen eyes and a figure from starvation while some eat on table mountains and trigger with their fingers hungry lions to give credit to poor souls

Illusions to live richly indebted like slaves of a monopolies game board
This ends the question of race where we all stand blacklisted like we are hit by the equator, perhaps an equation of the richer get richer and the educated remain on the treadmill

being milked as cows for a mass production that never sees the light of daybreak eating the same greens while the farmer enjoys the scenery from his plasma screen until we see the difference between style and life and learn we can live without a style and let life be original with

less hairdos we might make up our minds more than our faces and wear less expensive clothes to save our future from dress codes that unlock the doors to bankruptcy

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