Friday, June 28, 2013

In pursuit of a buoyant thought life (Equanimity)

Mind the mind that talks us Into illusions about reality Follow the feelings and you will find The life that lays dormant Beneath oupresenting self-called to the higher self Life shocks steady, life shocks steady Disconnecting us to the channel of peace Follow the process as I disavowed my fears And spoke boldly the truth of my being Lost myself in feelings, a feeling Beneath the overwhelming resentments From the past, let go I said let go We hold on to thesethoughts justifying What hurts us the most see what makes you whole from the energies spent? We feel spent, the mind spent I need to loose myself some more Just breathe, just breathe Deep breaths I say, he said Deep breaths I say, he said Mirror the process where mind finds clarity Between false intentions and the purpose of caring For your being behold another human being In the absence of all pretence,just be I see you, I see you I honour the love, the light and the life that I see in you I see you yes. I see you I want you to feel some more So feelings be my guide To know me to be beneath or above I cherish the process of love The awakening to life on my side

Sunday, April 24, 2011

If I could praise thee

If I could praise thee
I could praise thee with the ability of a thousand voices
And I could hear in the background
Ten thousand horses

It must be the angels, It must be the angels

It must be the angels

Descendants descending
from his transcendent tables like angels of word
on paper pages of sages and scrolls
from pypus types of leather bound secrets
from a holier dimension
not mention the sight more holier than thou
His eyes drawing yet
light disturbing the darkness in me
turning me like a pot of clay in a fiercesome furnice
as I am cooked unto godliness.

Hallelujah the anthem more glorious
white hairs with His names on each strand
my eyes couldn't believe I was seeing this.
El Elyon In Spirit this more than words
it would take Jesus to describe this
and a thousand times eternity for scribes to capture this
more than magnificent sight
as Goo reveals His majesty amoungst men

see His walk amoung us like waters
Oceans make way for his temples
as Israel takes a water deviding step the chosen takes a walk through crimson seas
That's thru problems and fears
Mary crying over her son's ton of tears

as He cried for you and He cried for me

Tears no longer fall but from faces
who look upon the blood as a price
more precious than rubies and gold
a sacrifice untold
as eternal significance unfolds
to uphold
more souls as a great harvest awaits
the servants I'm told
this is
in the heart of a Father of love.

I could praise

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All in all be all that you can be...

Dear fellow to my soul

In all you do remember to take care of yourself
Remember to take time and eat remember to take time out and sleep.

Remember to listen to the choir of the streets in the morning.
Find peace in all that you get your hands to do.
Keep yo goals ahead,talk to yourself about yourself.
Learn to ask difficult questions.Jot down your dreams on feathers and trees.

Take the actions to transfer your dreams to this sphere of reality.
Speak what you dream till it appears for the rest of your senses to believe.

All in all be all you ever dreamt and thought and still think you can be.

Much love, a warm hug from me to you.~GooJ

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

becoming a prophesy fulfilled (the message)

I pray these words speak to you as they do to me.

Greater is the One in you for He is God undeniable.
You are more than who you think or possible can ever think you are.
I want to remind you to believe you can
Jus like how as a kid you believed...

That nothing was and nothin is impossible.
The source of all your needs is with you always.
You don't have to close your eyes or say a long prayer.
Jus say it as it is tell your Father your needs.

He knows but now He wants to hear from you.
Trust be your guide
Speak what you want to happen
Prophesy over your situation.

Speak life speak prosperity
For the power of life and death is in the toungue.
Begin right now and call life in by Jesus.
Let every fibre of your being be charged as you read these words.

Fire of the Holy Ghost will pass through you like lightning.
In a short while annointing shall flow all over you
As God pours His Spirit
As He pours the promise to you.


God's peace I speak.Be blessed in your mind~GooJ

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Becoming a prophesy fullfilled

When my mind is done with searches of the deep
My heart reaching shallows of meaning
After loving and hating alike
My soul having experimented with all

My spirit to the ground shall fall
And rise like a new adam in a new earth
Where love reigns and smiles never cease
To show off white men in holy robes

Perhaps then I shall gain my wings
And fly a flight of honour
Knowing I deserved nothing
In here I came empty handed

All I have and will have is what's been
Given to me by grace
Nothing but the favour of Him
Who knew me before
Shall usher me to know the unknown

And make the mystery of my life known
Jus like the angels know not
What I know but have forgotten
To be reminded each time I look into your eyes

I was created to love
And you created to receive
And perceive us as channels
To a new world of us in Him

becoming a prophesy fulfilled