Friday, June 28, 2013

In pursuit of a buoyant thought life (Equanimity)

Mind the mind that talks us Into illusions about reality Follow the feelings and you will find The life that lays dormant Beneath oupresenting self-called to the higher self Life shocks steady, life shocks steady Disconnecting us to the channel of peace Follow the process as I disavowed my fears And spoke boldly the truth of my being Lost myself in feelings, a feeling Beneath the overwhelming resentments From the past, let go I said let go We hold on to thesethoughts justifying What hurts us the most see what makes you whole from the energies spent? We feel spent, the mind spent I need to loose myself some more Just breathe, just breathe Deep breaths I say, he said Deep breaths I say, he said Mirror the process where mind finds clarity Between false intentions and the purpose of caring For your being behold another human being In the absence of all pretence,just be I see you, I see you I honour the love, the light and the life that I see in you I see you yes. I see you I want you to feel some more So feelings be my guide To know me to be beneath or above I cherish the process of love The awakening to life on my side

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