Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New creatures (as it is in heaven)

Holy citerzens raised from the dust of carnal minds
Stand as priests, don't send the sinner away
Show them love, reflected in true forgiveness

Messengers, don't loose your message
For you will become a mess for those waiting
To see the manifestations of God
Less talk, men want to see power

We are not here to wait for heaven
We are here to bring heaven in hearts
Don't be comfortable here all these things will perish
Set your minds on things above, yes love

That gave so man could be redeemed
Lay hands on them, obey
And the Lord will make a way
Have faith in the Miracle Worker

Pray for one another, envy will soon have no ground
Jesus is the glory taker
Shut down all exits, no one leaves here
Until His purpose is served

Finaly, is anyone ready to die?

To be raised to godliness as new creatures.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Selo da Zazi

He studies the ceilings of mind
Listening to the Spirit
Led by an inner Voice
Molding a world with words

Sense falls out of circles
Moving in orbits around triangles
Escaping the angles of this dimension
The imagined nation

Where words have personalities
Brought to life as they converse
Shifting out of phrases and verses
Into the galactic spaces of the universe

Mind stilled as the sun hides from light
A hand sticks out and grabs
The speeding rays that torch the skies
As pen meets paper, the child of trees

Ink spills like black brains
On the carpets of logic
Red like water turned to wine
A miracle of faith filled words

Falling on the lowest point of earth
The dust of living souls
Held together by a commanded breath
Uprooted from darkness into the Son

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Born of God

The cells of God meets man in Spirit
As the pregnated Mary stands in awe
Carrying the Son of God
Spirit less understood by a matter of human mind

Constructing sense out of wisdom
As God Himself awaits to be born into the world
The heavens watch a great spectacular
Beyond all miracles to ever take place

Tribes falling apart, cultures and laws broken
As the Spirit comes through the Word
In flesh now abode the blue planet
Emmanuel God s plan born into action

Kings and kingdoms shaken
The Ancient of Days now amoung us
In Wisdom and Power cometh to rule
In humility and less pride

In love and less hate
Setting minds free through One Spirit
The seeds scattered through desciples
Like farmers in for a big harvest of souls

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Depression, the knock of death

Tied of failure, the sun hiding behind the west
While your heart faces the darker side of life
Pushed off the rails, tears praying on their way down
Eyes begging the earth to turn your way

The weight of bills to be paid
Laying on your mind, depression sneaks
Whispering thoughts to end this
Doors closing on your visions, focus disturbed

Heart beating softly as if your out of breath
Hope hanging by the threads
Demons standing the last push
Into the orbits of endless spirals of ills

Trapped in small spaces
Cornering you to stop believing the earths rotation
Axes spinning light shining in increments
Lifting your head above the clouds

God lives in the light of faith
Keeping you away from the doors of death
Hope is seen again, as you smile in your pain
After hearing the promise

I shall never leave your side my bride
Take courage,am working on it
Hold your breath as we plunge into the depths
Pressure is good,doubt is not welcomed