Monday, August 23, 2010

Selo da Zazi

He studies the ceilings of mind
Listening to the Spirit
Led by an inner Voice
Molding a world with words

Sense falls out of circles
Moving in orbits around triangles
Escaping the angles of this dimension
The imagined nation

Where words have personalities
Brought to life as they converse
Shifting out of phrases and verses
Into the galactic spaces of the universe

Mind stilled as the sun hides from light
A hand sticks out and grabs
The speeding rays that torch the skies
As pen meets paper, the child of trees

Ink spills like black brains
On the carpets of logic
Red like water turned to wine
A miracle of faith filled words

Falling on the lowest point of earth
The dust of living souls
Held together by a commanded breath
Uprooted from darkness into the Son

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