Friday, November 5, 2010

a dead bird

A dead bird lays in my head
I think I stopped believing
I could fly
Perhaps you, clipped my wings

Babies born believe they can fly
Memories still fresh from
Playing with angels in their
Previous lives

Sometimes God believes too much
In us or is it we limit ourselves
If faith can open red crimson seas
Walk on water and quite the storms

I fear it is fear that has made us human
And some will hold on to it
For the fear of being
Whom each of us is meant to be

Light of the world
Someone needs to see your shine
To know sunshine still exists
And until you smile

Passing light to this darkness
We will all just see dead birds
As some of us
Have stopped believing we can fly

It takes a belief to resurrect
Dead dreams, forgotten goals
You can still be
You still are, the bird

Believe in me once more
And I shall spread my wings
And flap off these limits
Pursue the skies beyond my cries

And live to tell
Of how I once fell dead
When I had stopped believing
I could fly

Thursday, November 4, 2010

my heart is a specimen (heart twisted)

Interrogating emotions
Running a test of authenticity

In a science lab, I bring biology
My heart is a specimen
Beating, I watch as it lays there

I want to know how it feels
When this organ is bombarded
With emotions of loving a stranger
Heart, are you ready to begin

Today we will go undercover
Play the love game
till you fall in love, but remember
This is just an experiment

Don't cry when you break
Just keep notes of what truly hurts
I am using you as a reference
To save future broken hearts
From breaking too often

Today you will meet skin deep
You will be taken by the second
Allow yourself to be
This must take place
Bear in mind you will get hurt

Fall in and close your eyes
Let reason subside
Begin auctioning yourself away
Without a question in mind

This will only last a few days
Thou it will feel like a lifetime
As we go on and on
Sacrifice more, this will create a bond

Be there for the stranger
Until you feel a sense of belonging
Make sure there is a third party
This will hurt for sure

Ignore the facts, follow my lead
This must take place
Look at the face once more
Feel yourself at home

Just when it seems like paradise
I will come and drag you out
You will begin to doubt
A lot of things, like or love

"Get out of there"
I fear emotions are like quick sand
Take my hand its time to get out
Remember you are with a stranger

Stay in there for the freebees
Use love to get love
Until you have sucked all joy
Don't cry this must take place

Don't get caught, jail time
Could well be a life sentence
messing with human emotions
Is a psychophysiological crime

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


organical chaos
Spreading leaves in the direction
of roots growin on wooden floors
crawling ants marching like angels

Ordering unseen twisted cables
To hang innocent heads
Stripping bliss naked
with a devine kiss in redlipstick

pouring together with poets
Juices from an ancient river
a colourless bucket
tasting the color of words
With a fork and a knife
leaving us with silver tongues

From sucking nipples of inspiration
Like babies born to godhood
Until our eyes turn blue as seas
With a tint of oranges
Falling from a farm of eyelids
That blink once in a lifetime

Crushing celestial fruits with pens letting souls, drunk
From a ghost punch
a poem recited in silence

Faceless faces facing
the wrong direction on rails
Applauding a mute like a train
Before curious passangers
Chewing their lunch
together with a choo choo

Strangers on parallel
life paths,reciting peace to violence
Imagine hands clapping unplugged
Excitement is a falling tear
Getting married to a tissue paper

In the middle a lovestory
A storm hits in a three pin plug
With a child's fingers stuck
Struck by lightning
Disturbing a lifeless body

Monday, November 1, 2010

Confessions of a lonely heart

My heart sliced open on arms
I once trusted to care
Waiting for a heart transplant
Between these cold walls, I see you

Flaunting, passing fake smiles
Hiding true hurt inside
Taking sides with hate
Sharing your love with strangers

I have myself become, as one
Foreign in a land
Where I stood hailed and gloried
When love used to flow

Like streams
that promised no drought
Doubt now fills a heart that looks upon these barren lands
Hope hangs as a dirty apron
From trying to bake
our future out of wrong ingredients

Cakes tasting sour
I should have known that wasn't sugar
Calling me "sugar"
Didn't prove a sweet taste after all
From these emotions
Falling, just to fall again

Pulling a straight face
Yet still not facing straight
Into heart matters, denial my new religeon
I seek redemption from such ills I feel inside

Oh how I long for the up and downs
I prefer we fight loving
For in this state
Heart indicators show a straight line

Your love will have to strike back
Like the earthquakes
To resurrect this lonely heart
Or better yet let me die in peace

Of knowing loving me you still do
Just no longer in love to do