Friday, November 5, 2010

a dead bird

A dead bird lays in my head
I think I stopped believing
I could fly
Perhaps you, clipped my wings

Babies born believe they can fly
Memories still fresh from
Playing with angels in their
Previous lives

Sometimes God believes too much
In us or is it we limit ourselves
If faith can open red crimson seas
Walk on water and quite the storms

I fear it is fear that has made us human
And some will hold on to it
For the fear of being
Whom each of us is meant to be

Light of the world
Someone needs to see your shine
To know sunshine still exists
And until you smile

Passing light to this darkness
We will all just see dead birds
As some of us
Have stopped believing we can fly

It takes a belief to resurrect
Dead dreams, forgotten goals
You can still be
You still are, the bird

Believe in me once more
And I shall spread my wings
And flap off these limits
Pursue the skies beyond my cries

And live to tell
Of how I once fell dead
When I had stopped believing
I could fly

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