Saturday, December 11, 2010

I will give birth to a new me (Through it all, I will stand)

Expected to be this or that
Not this than you are not fit for that
I am not
But that doesn't mean I won't be

I never made mistakes
This is just a miss
Judgement on your part
It takes all this to make me

I shall rise in my flaws
Fallen laws I have broken my boundaries
It is now I can live
Beyond these confinements

Inside me is the power
To look at the odds in the face
Challenge my challenges
I will see positive changes

God is not suprised
This means He must know
I am not alone
Through it all, I will stand

Just watch
Tears serve a purpose
That is why I cry
Just afterwards I will pray

This is a new beginning
This is how roses grow
It is pain today
I promise you rain, tomorrow

I will give birth to a new me

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