Friday, July 23, 2010

For those walking legs

For those walking legs who cannot run
Who takes life a step as others pass
Persevering with a heart filled with hope
Like a dying caterpillar

Saving your last breath in a cocoon now spun
Life takes a halt,burdened like an ass
Slowly walking up the hills while others slope
Down the slides as you look around for a pillar

On crutches now you stand while they have fun
Tears almost falling like a body of mass
Hiting the floors of desperation waiting for you to elope
Make love to your dreams, stand taller

Keeping your head up in the skies
As faith promises no lies

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let us marry

Let us marry and learn together
The beauty and ills of life
Grow younger with love in our hearts
Teaching us to become one

Sharing in weakness and strengths
Through turmoil and pains
Let our minds mate
Bringing new life after our likeness

Two great hearts emerge

Let go and let us plunge into the depths of thee unknows
With nothing but hope to guide us
Falling,let us gracefully like feathers
Into each other`s hearts

Tie our fingers with gold and diamonds

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eternal ocean evaporated to little raindrops of gods

Eternal ocean evaporated to little raindrops of gods
Where curious minds drink from the wells of divinity
Strangling each breath of emotion's thumping silence
Like soldiers of war fighting with impressions

Squeezing the intellect dry like a desert
Little men falling from the heavens
As the breathe split between thee earth
Sharing light and life through all four corners

Swept away by the waves of time on the eternal seas
As the energy builds up after humanity
Harnessing the power that lives inside us
Binding true minds in holy wisdom through love

Forever comes too soon when minds neglect
To mind the great waters of life among us
Evaporated as God forgets Himself
To be reminded as each grown into the depths of love