Wednesday, November 3, 2010


organical chaos
Spreading leaves in the direction
of roots growin on wooden floors
crawling ants marching like angels

Ordering unseen twisted cables
To hang innocent heads
Stripping bliss naked
with a devine kiss in redlipstick

pouring together with poets
Juices from an ancient river
a colourless bucket
tasting the color of words
With a fork and a knife
leaving us with silver tongues

From sucking nipples of inspiration
Like babies born to godhood
Until our eyes turn blue as seas
With a tint of oranges
Falling from a farm of eyelids
That blink once in a lifetime

Crushing celestial fruits with pens letting souls, drunk
From a ghost punch
a poem recited in silence

Faceless faces facing
the wrong direction on rails
Applauding a mute like a train
Before curious passangers
Chewing their lunch
together with a choo choo

Strangers on parallel
life paths,reciting peace to violence
Imagine hands clapping unplugged
Excitement is a falling tear
Getting married to a tissue paper

In the middle a lovestory
A storm hits in a three pin plug
With a child's fingers stuck
Struck by lightning
Disturbing a lifeless body

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