Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New creatures (as it is in heaven)

Holy citerzens raised from the dust of carnal minds
Stand as priests, don't send the sinner away
Show them love, reflected in true forgiveness

Messengers, don't loose your message
For you will become a mess for those waiting
To see the manifestations of God
Less talk, men want to see power

We are not here to wait for heaven
We are here to bring heaven in hearts
Don't be comfortable here all these things will perish
Set your minds on things above, yes love

That gave so man could be redeemed
Lay hands on them, obey
And the Lord will make a way
Have faith in the Miracle Worker

Pray for one another, envy will soon have no ground
Jesus is the glory taker
Shut down all exits, no one leaves here
Until His purpose is served

Finaly, is anyone ready to die?

To be raised to godliness as new creatures.

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