Saturday, August 14, 2010

Depression, the knock of death

Tied of failure, the sun hiding behind the west
While your heart faces the darker side of life
Pushed off the rails, tears praying on their way down
Eyes begging the earth to turn your way

The weight of bills to be paid
Laying on your mind, depression sneaks
Whispering thoughts to end this
Doors closing on your visions, focus disturbed

Heart beating softly as if your out of breath
Hope hanging by the threads
Demons standing the last push
Into the orbits of endless spirals of ills

Trapped in small spaces
Cornering you to stop believing the earths rotation
Axes spinning light shining in increments
Lifting your head above the clouds

God lives in the light of faith
Keeping you away from the doors of death
Hope is seen again, as you smile in your pain
After hearing the promise

I shall never leave your side my bride
Take courage,am working on it
Hold your breath as we plunge into the depths
Pressure is good,doubt is not welcomed

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