Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Becoming a prophesy fullfilled

When my mind is done with searches of the deep
My heart reaching shallows of meaning
After loving and hating alike
My soul having experimented with all

My spirit to the ground shall fall
And rise like a new adam in a new earth
Where love reigns and smiles never cease
To show off white men in holy robes

Perhaps then I shall gain my wings
And fly a flight of honour
Knowing I deserved nothing
In here I came empty handed

All I have and will have is what's been
Given to me by grace
Nothing but the favour of Him
Who knew me before
Shall usher me to know the unknown

And make the mystery of my life known
Jus like the angels know not
What I know but have forgotten
To be reminded each time I look into your eyes

I was created to love
And you created to receive
And perceive us as channels
To a new world of us in Him

becoming a prophesy fulfilled

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