Sunday, March 6, 2011

Escaping spiritual paralysis

it was as if but not a dream
walking in the spirit
as in meditations mentioning
dimensions of heaven

Images like porn corn
disturbing my conscience
like soft porn
playing so ever lightly
bending the monestary rules

I skipped my training to rule
This stubborn flesh so enticed
By my willingness to choose
Chewing gum for fools

Don't ever get that on your hair
It will cause you to shave
Your innocents
Flushed away with tissues

Like other useless things
So achoo, I chewed
Together with my crew
Sueing me and you

Damned to eternal fires
Souls burning like splinters of wood
Dried by the heat
Like sugarless fruit

Papercuts from foreign checks
I cashed from the eternal banks
Counted my pennies not enough
To pay God His dues

I wasted and got wasted
Drinking to my eternal doom
Gave no room for his broom
To sweep my weeping

Crystalise my tears to solid praise
Like a drop of me in the spirit
Swimming away from sin
Escaping spiritual paralysis.

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