Monday, October 4, 2010

taste these thoughts

Baptise these minds on new wine
That quench thirsty spirits
As mens souls open their lungs
For a breath of fresh air

For fallen minds have polluted the fair
As if money could save our souls
Like slaves of gold
we mine through these labour laws

Cutting each other short
As if to propose bribes better than morals
Conscious has become holy
Punched with two holes

One for the devil and one for God
For we all need Him
And him to express our perverted minds
And sell them with clean hands
Until this temple falls like sands

Washed by the seas or perhaps a familiar desease that never ceases
Subtracting and ending contracts
Between lovers, rings fail to commit to this insanity as we all fight to be right

Respect your elders, we can't all be right
Or better yet on the right hand side of the Father
Where the way the truth and the life
Is how we get to life

If we all die
Then it must be for a lie

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