Friday, September 17, 2010

in our little life span

a life span under the sun
As time in turn takes turns
Bends as darkness falls
Great mind rot
under the weight of soil

spoil as neorons decompose
And testify we are but a composition
In the hands of the creator
Whose theories
Must have made a bing bang

Leaving narrow minds
with only a sound to explain
The existance of a blue ball that sits on space
Too big for the eye

Yet fits in the space between the eyes
Leaving more dim eyes
to only peep through the telescopes
and tell but a scopic view
And call that a new verse

Perhaps even a new phrase
For this new age
Where science is hailed God
The quest to seek his

on books and tweet
Him out of my space
to your space should
any of you give a chat
to be in His zone

Mix it all up
And present a quick fix
God who will supply
In skype
meet all types of needs

After all
we all have rights to decide
In our little life spans
The right image of God


  1. Hi Goo J. Poet! I think this poem is very cool!

  2. nice...we do have to figure out how we are going to see God...actually we just talked about that at church on sunday...because the that will shape our the mix in of social media throughout...nice one shot...

  3. You are prolific, mate. I loved each and every one of these reads. You express things so clearly and artfully. And this poem sums up many of the thoughts I've had about God and his place within today's technologically ramped up, me me me society. Nice. :)

  4. God is the Author of all things. His whole Creation is in a way, that 'poetry-in-motion'. You, Sir, are a fine talent, and well suited to carry the message He asks of you.

    GOOD One Shot!

  5. I liked reading this one....
    Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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  6. a great share with one shot..thanks for taking part...cheers pete