Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a raise of slave sense

some make a good profit some profit good
in more bad ways that's where
difference sets in as the sun goes down sharing less light on matters between the sons of man

Cutting each others throats
For a piece of steak on their plate
Call it fate when some promote crime in action thrillers leaving fatherless kids real killers
getting nailed to the ground or even jailed

in a country of common golden awards
where stars walk on red carpets
and the real world on bloodlines of real thieves
with real knives taking real lives who cry real tears from broken hearts
while rich minds only mimic reality

and get really ahead leaving real heads disturbed between robbing a real bank or paying their way through this drama to stand a chance to rob real people real life lessons in a more professional way

that only puts enough potatoes on one plate while the rest of the population dies from real hunger leaving the rest of us really angry

and less willing to co operative each time new elections select gold sense from impoverished pockets who lack enough nutrition to smile each time a fist is lifted in th sky in the name of lies

that fly on big planes and paint the blues a rainbow nation with only rain bowing through tears of those who never fail to stand in booths and form camps just to be given attention in less rewarding ways, publicized as hooligans

Mind you slaves institutionalized never to realize how far they are in programs that are meant to elevate them but only keep them longer than they bargained

flickering on remote controls
as this world becomes too remote for the penniless
The rest of us puppets boxed in a job, monitored asking for a raise of more slave sense

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