Tuesday, October 5, 2010

mastermind, get out of the crime scene

Masterminds of our time
possess the power to rob souls
of their precious belongings
crime is the number one paying subject
on the lecture stages of the media

this is a mediocre in the eyes of sidelined lives conversied over the crime lines
now caught behind steel bars of detention
guess they never paid attention
to their beguiled images

frozen mind release your mental projections and elevate yourself to a golden mind
You have gold inside
dig and toil the hard rocks of life
you don't need a helping hand
your the master mind

you've been brainwashed and yet still the stains of a boxed mind is what remains
trapped in a mental state prism
Don't live yo life like the corners of prism
crack heads rackilng cracking safes to buy expensive happiness

while some of us draw sips from the cheaper coke to keep cool under a been around brand over billions of rand
its all for legal profits
takes a bar code to decode the mass code
call it a massive fraud that fits the pefect thirsty crime scene as we call it cool

when they get away with it on tv screens addicted to the rush of a quick and easy stash it cool and breezy with covering trails as the hard part
this life is apart

the gun burks the bullet runs the sparks fly
the child dies tires screech and car's gone
you keep running quilt chasing
your conscious has caught up with.
Your conscious will catch up with you

mastermind get out of this crying I'm seeing
see I froze your mother's tear so you could see
this sin is obscene this is not a movie scene dreams and goals get buried with them

In you I see an all star think beyond a shoe
and release your mind to dream
you too can reach the stars
get out of this mind set sold to you
through this tv set

real wisdom doesn't involve guns
evolve from the short piece for its only this short and on the other end there is no peace

and if violence is your voice soon you will have no choice to be on the right hand side of justice
Man its just us doing injustice to us.

Mastermind get out of this crying I'm seeing
get out of the crime scene.

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