Monday, October 18, 2010

interpolating interpretations of freed minds

From history to history, age to age
and page to page there is a man who died
call it freedom of speech or freedom of expression if we don't crucify these actions many men will die

Between teens communication
seems to make better sense involving senses
a false communication from the press
compressing truth and calling it press freedom look me into the eye
and tell me its my choice to die
hanging on filtered pages that promise to blabber truth

blabbering on a foreign exchange circulating in circulation interpolating interpretations causing pretentious attentions to mentions of the falling generation degerations from the manipulated brainwashed to wash and flush truth
and replace it with rightful thinking a twelve year old is old enough to make decisions on her behalf being the other half of the problem

circumcising the dreams of tomoro
no hope to see but sorrow
falling from the mountains of a corrupted system that everyone should belong
all speeches to be made long to prolong life in sin so everyone will have a say implementing ways to connect contradicting views
forcing those who disapprove to prove this
as a prove based thesis welcoming

all preservatives to preserve these additives
with open arms so long as they pay enough cents it doesn't matter if they make no sense
people have lost their sense for truth anyway
all is right for the sake of having a right
we will protect your right to say it

so in these pages you will find the deaths of many men who stood and fell to the grave
for what they believed in refusing to fuse their minds and be used by false in white skins
written over by black words
empowering the minds not to mind
the blood that speaks of sanctification
beyond education

that eradicates suffocations of wisdom
from a man's internal conscious
as some have lost sense of identity
society facing a problem bigger than government to govern from this oven that cooks

Such dooms, a riot will move us
to a new age of many gods
turning politics to fall on its knees
and call out to be forgiven begging mercy from the feotus given a voice to speak passing condemnations to those who passed condoms
to this nation giving man opportunity to make better choices

with choice in mind one must remember slavery to consider being really free and be enslaved to experience a freedom from this freedom
that has made many slaves unto their graves
rotting with the lot misguided
by many misses of targeted truth
where does hope stay when all presentations on these pages do not represent the present or current situations but resentments
from following disguised light
that never quit shared light on matters
that really matter

Our heroes died in vain if we fail to hold our breaths in the the same vein and pursue
sueing doctrination at sight moving through the night of our dreams living faithful to the call of light undressing the false creating a place where love speaks and all are set free by the one who died for us all

being the man from history to history
age to age
His story be told and never sold for pennies
like the news on our papers.

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