Saturday, March 5, 2011

syco-eyes in parallex

Confiscated from the devine temples
My mind still swamped in iris
Trying to derive the mystery
The conversing pupils tailing a tale

Darkened, two pointed
Double doubting sight into the ether
I sense my sense her eyes
Impose a pose deeper connections

Revealing a second pair of eyes
Impared to see the defects of life
Her eyes psycologicaly restore
The belief of insanity in me

A poem laced in her lenses
That look, recites to me
Volumes of speechless movements
My poetic joints disfigured

From trying to figure
the hand of God
Covering her cornea
Like a curtain to the holy of holies

She will never see her eyes
Like I do
My optic nerves got nervous
Trying to explain syco-eyes to me

I might as well be a mad poet
For seeing what should not be seen
And speaking about the one
Who possesses parallel sight

To a line laying tangently
Discriptions of her aura
Shape shifting my reality
To be dreaming squint

Into the abyss
Retina, my right to flow
Visions through her eyes like a telescope
She will drop me a glance

As I freelance, freestyling
Like her scyco-eyes in parallex

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