Friday, September 17, 2010

enlightened minds

Scratch the mental surface
You might catch flame
Like my matches
Pull the smokes through your

select in this

As I take another dose of enlightment
Seize the moment on the spliff
Of natures wisdom
Tell God am proud of His creation

Ascend through these growing
Weeds of time seeds that man
Sow on naked wombs
Babies grow as plants
In these gardens of eden

Where adams and eves
both blame the evil
that tempted their minds
To take a bite
At ignorance

and put a life sentence to the innocent

They're the ones who will speak to God
For our murdering mistakes
As we take yet another life
In the name of lust

One would ask whose purpose
Are we fullfilling
Grown cold
The gods of this world will speak
It is everyones right
To draw their clippers and scissors

Sister hold on pharohs dream
Let's cut the dreams of future leaders
If any of us should die

Let them all be enlightened