Friday, September 17, 2010

debating with death

Heaven is not, but close
as soon as you close your eyes
to this dimension
and open the gates through your heart
in verbal nonsense

as the spirit telephones home
and sends your messages
through messengers of wings
who fly through the winds and storms of darkness that hang as a pillows of darkness
above your heavy heart

burdened with the thought
of what happens when we die
for no man living can promise you
they have seen what only the dead see

well men float in the sea of lies
like they have swallowed the devil
choking now through their throats
as ones with black coats
chewing on sugar coated truths
that are good for nothing
leaving souls good for nothings

but to be thrown into the pits of guilt
till minds awaken from a dream
that life is an illusion
nothing is realy happening
we are not really living but dying in this world

flipped around looking at the commands of life

and debating whether to live or die..

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