Friday, September 17, 2010

calling,the wise

been feeling weirdly good these bad days..
Communicating with my Spirit Father
feeling pregnant from the inside..
knowing not whether to decide or suicide
the thought of His calling..

His voice calling
my belly dialing through the divine
natural awareness links the DNA of my being testifying that His presence
has never quite left me all along .

So long as I spit with my lips and split the skies open and leave the thighs of man
to be entered by the Holy Ghost
this world might also see change
when stars speak of the born
saviours, declared to be sons of God

as demons feel no males
but see the light of the world
to rid this darkness and set mankind
free from freedom
to please the tempting flesh

that is homesick only minding the ground
it once came from..
So I am calling
should hearers
hear my call for warriors of light
to die on their cross

and help me save the world from darkness