Friday, September 17, 2010

in love with a stranger

men and woman land as strangers on this padded brown solid appearance of earth
illusions as the metaphysical beats of love
move us to move

all mountains of muteness before us
as eyes gaze into the future
through the lenses of time
in time we behold the imagination
become stranger as lips do touch


with no harm done
hearts treated with a gently shock wave
all fear subsides

as both parties takes the same side
until day breaks and one wonders
if yesterday was not a dream
in love with a stranger

soon we discover through verbal battles and pain
the depths of love and learn to smile
laughing at each other like little children
wishing to deep freeze the moment

so one day it would be drawn
from cool heads
as a refreshment when we thirst
under the blazing heat of confusion

for men are logic in fixing
while women feel feelings
hopin we will be entitwined
in harmony to make one brain

where petals rain cemented laughs
and flowers grow daisy constructed smiles
just to fall down again like a sand castle
washed away by bubbling tears

as each heart is streched like a sail
by the blowing winds
as we steer our souls to safefty

with only love to steer us


  1. love is everything and heals everything...
    beautiful flow.


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