Friday, December 24, 2010

seven stars, seven spirits and seven seals

Bring on the light

I speak light with lightining lighting human light bulbes
to share Jesus on this darkness

Bring on the light
I switch together with the switches
marking my enemies with love
so to fuse them with light

Behold I speak in seven stars seven spirits and seven seals
sealing light into your womb to be your hope of glory
and bring you through pain a joy
that reigns above all tempting messengers sent to disturb your path.
I speak beauty in your spirit beyond the seven wonders of the world
pouring the spirit of truth to sons and daughter to be and stand proud.
Boldly shout hades cannot contain me

like Jonah in a fish the age of pisces
carrying Jesus the son of man
to combine all in addition through the cross
to stand in line under the command
of the one who commanded life to live and death to die

The hope of many to be ressurrected in his likeness.
Speak and walk as He did raising the dead
Moving the specks of dust that lay in my own eyes
in a form of enticing sins unnoticed by the naked eye

before we stand naked and are consumed
These words possess enough possessions
for you to leave all your possesions and positions behind
and step up higher on the Highway
and taste that the Lord is good

His ways Higher than our ways
surfing with angels on the crest of grace unto godliness.
I call heaven and earth as witness that I have put before you life and death
a blessing and a curse therefore choose life before we die

for time is too mindful of time to last forever
and ever shall be the kingdom that waits on your submissions
to send you on your missions that have been prophesied and predestined
before the foundations of thee earth.

You are a child of royalty one of a kind.
Your Father is Heaven within shall you find.

Mind these words for they will bring on the light
Liberate you from the appearing life to the reality of death.
Angels day shift and shift nights so light can shift darkness to shift.
God sits not far as in distance juts a dimension in part
shout Jesus three times and you would have agreed
that the son of man should not be denied three times
.God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy is God

The number three is One in the order of His majesty
no mind can imagine while logic still stands.

Bring on the light.Bring on the light bring on the Light

I speak in seven stars seven spirits and seven seven seals
producing warriors of heaven.
With swords sharpenered seven times to perfectly murder the devil
select out out of his bag the elect
that's you and I been kept captive.

Activate you to be a weapon of mass lightining.
And bring on the light as the light of the world.

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