Thursday, January 27, 2011

let me die, so we can live

Today I saw a tree
with its leaves buried in the sky and roots
hanging like branches waving side to side
waiting for men to decide to commit devision's suicide
And live as one

Self forsaken
like the death of asperm cell
Fertilised into the womb
for new life to be
So like an upside down society
We still look upon the roots to produce fruits

when our offspring die before they are born
and those who have been born
wish they would have falled dry
like leaves and those who are still to be born

stay in wombs longer fearing a poverty of love
in this world

Conscious spirit, open the trees
in this forest of words
to stop being shy and grow
men fearless as the gods.

I long to live truth as my greatest poem
and speak mute as my greatest speech.

And find life in death
so as to be free from my own.
I surrender to be used
for my ego has bruised me with foreign desires.I

In you I shall find peace
When my heart is saved from such filth

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